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Daewoo Express Luxury Bus Service

Daewoo Pakistan Express Luxury Bus Service being the market leader that it is, has always taken the lead in introducing new concepts in road transport in general and incorporating cutting edge technology in its operations and customer offerings in an effort to not only modernize its internal systems but also bringing convenience for its valuable passengers.

Launched in 1998, Daewoo Express Luxury Bus Service revolutionized the concept of bus travel in Pakistan and soon became the undisputed market leader in every aspect of bus travel business.Over the years, Daewoo Express has kept this market leadership firmly placed through a continuous process of introducing newer concepts and service improvement.

Daewoo Express Luxury Buses

Comprises fleet of 356 buses operating nationwide from 58 terminals and sub terminals in Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pukhtunkhwah provinces touching 56 cities and plying on all major highways and motorways of Pakistan. Annually, over 6.6 million people travel on Daewoo Express bus service.

A Pictorial Guide

Pictorial Guide of Daewoo Express luxury Fleet

Daewoo Express - Gold Class - Luxury Bus Service

Daewoo Express Luxury Bus Service brings its years of experience to the recently launched Daewoo Gold Class Service. The service boasts of a brand new fleet of state-of-the-art Volvo buses featuring super-comfort, luxury, safety, and reliability. Powered by environmentally friendly, advanced technology EURO III engines, the new Volvo buses are equipped with enhanced safety and comfort standards. The new buses, which replaced the existing Premium Plus fleet on Lahore-Rawalpindi routes, have double glazed windows and are vibration resilient - upgrades that offer a quieter and more comfortable journey.

Daewoo Express Luxury Gold Class Bus Service

Daewoo remains committed to maintaining its highest standards in terms of bus fleet modernization, safety & security, punctuality, and hospitality. With ergonomically designed, luxurious bucket seats, equipped with safety belts, individual LCDs & headphones for every passenger, easy reclining mechanism, and crash resistance, these buses ensure a serene, comfortable and secure travel experience.

Daewoo Intra-city / DHA Bus Service

Daewoo Express has been operating "Lahore City Bus Service" for the last 17 years and was the first international company to operate a city bus service in Pakistan. At the time, it was the first time in Pakistan's history, that air-conditioned diesel buses were introduced in urban/domestic public transport.

Daewoo DHA Bus Service

October 01, 2015. Pakistan's largest transport company, Daewoo Pakistan Express Bus Service Ltd, in collaboration with Defence Housing Authority, Lahore, initiated a historic project of setting up international standard transport facilities and other amenities for residents of DHA and surrounding areas.

The new Lahore DHA bus service comprises of international standard air conditioned buses equipped with WiFi. In keeping with its tradition, Daewoo Express has launched these state-of-the-art buses which, for the first time in Pakistan, are fitted with Euro-3 engines which produce 75% less emissions (pollution) compared to other diesel buses.

Lahore Feeder Route Bus Service

Daewoo is all set to launch Lahore Feeder Project (LFP) in the last quarter of year 2016,which would have 14 routes initially and PMA will notify more routes to expand the existing network. We purchased a fleet of 200 buses (162 standard, 38 mini sized buses). These Feeder routes would have a total route length of 123 Km's. This project would act as in aid to already existing public transport system of the city. The uniqueness of this project is connecting/aiding metro bus with other integrated routes and advanced automated system like Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System. After a year of operation, a fleet of 100% is would be added to this existing fleet.

Daewoo Express Lahore Feeder Route

Multan Metro Bus Service

Multan Metro Bus system has 18.5 KM dedicated track with 12.5 KM elevated track to avoid conflict of Metro bus with other traffic, in the congested areas. System has 21 stations in total while 7 station at grade and 14 at elevated track.

Daewoo Express Multan Metro Bus Service

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