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Faisalbad formerly known as Lyallpur is bounded on the North and West by Hafizabad Jhang and Toba Tek Singh districts respectively. In the East it touches Sheikhupura district and in the South it is bounded by the river Ravi across which lies Okara district. It is an important transportation and commercial center especially for grains cloth and ghee (clarified butter). Manufactures include textiles pharmaceuticals chemical fertilizer bicycles textile machinery hosiery flour sugar vegetable oil and soap. The city was founded by Sir James Lyall c.1895 and named in his honor.Faisalabad terminal was started on 20th February 2002.
Address No-123(JB) Mohallah Akbarabad, Punj Pullian Road, Opp. Allied Hospital, Faisalabad
Phone 041-111-007-008
FAX 041-2627460