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Sialkot is said to have been founded by Raja Sala and refounded by Raja Salivahan in the time of Vikramaditya. The city the district headquarters lies just north of the Aik Nala (Aik Stream) and south of the Jammu Hills. It was once famous as a centre for the manufacture of damascened ware and paper; its modern industries include flour and cotton mills and the production of Surgical Instruments Leather goods Embroidery Ready-made garments Musical Instruments and sporting goods. Almost every product is exported to the world. Sialkot was the birthplace of the famous poet-philosopher Dr. Alama Muhammad Iqbal Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Asghar Sodai and houses several shrines including that of the first Sikh guru Nanak.
Address Opp. GBS Near KFC Sialkot Cantt.
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